5 things to look out for when viewing a property

viewing a property

Here at The New Homes Agent, we think that viewing a property (or several!) is one of the most exciting parts of moving. Though you’ll likely already know if a home meets your basic requirements, the first viewing is a great opportunity to get a proper feel for the place. It’s also your chance to scope out all the details and see if it meets expectations. 

When viewing a house for the first time, it’s important to be as impartial as possible. Even if it’s love at first sight, you want to be able to imagine yourself living in the property, yet still be objective enough to see the house in a realistic light. There’s lots to consider, so we’ve compiled a list of some priorities to keep in mind: 

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of an exterior – as viewed from the street. It is widely used as an indicator of the initial appeal of a property, and it’s definitely something you should consider at a viewing. Pay attention to how the outside of the house looks, and take in the surrounding streets too. It’s worth driving by during the day and at night to assess things like traffic noise and light pollution. 

First impressions should not be underestimated – you may want to sell one day and this will likely be important to prospective buyers in the future. 

Windows and doors

Pay close attention to the windows and doors at the property. These are essential components to your new home – and they are expensive to replace. Run a finger down the window pane – is there condensation? This could be a sign of poor insulation. Are the windows double or triple glazed? Are the frames in good condition? 

As for doors, you’ll want to test that they all open and close easily. How are the locks? Check that all doors are secure and well maintained. New builds generally come with high-grade locks as standard, but it can’t hurt to check! 


It’s important that the structure of the building is sound. If not, you may want to enlist a surveyor to assess this for you. Any big cracks across joints or walls could signal the building is not structurally safe. A survey will also help you to determine if the building is a non-standard property, which are built using concrete and steel frames – and named ‘designed defective’ under legislation. 


Let’s face it, having a weak shower that takes ages to heat up can have a big impact on your day-to-day. It could also be an expensive problem to rectify in the future. At your viewing, check how long it takes for water to get hot. How’s the shower pressure? Is there a bath? It can be so easy to miss these details, but they will make a big difference to your experience in the house – so be vigilant! 

Space and storage

This one may seem obvious, but it’s worth flagging. You’ve no doubt already examined the dimensions of the home you’re viewing, but how does it feel once you’re in it? Are the rooms the right size for your needs? If you have any particularly large or awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture, it’s a good idea to take measurements and bring a tape measure to the viewing – so you can see if everything will fit in nicely. 

As for storage, you’ll need to check there’s sufficient space to keep the things you want out of sight. Are there enough cupboards? Is there wall space for shelves? Are there spaces like a loft or basement for extra storage? 

Find your perfect first home with The New Homes Agent

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