The benefits of buying a new build home

new build home

There are many factors to consider when buying a house. Location, size, price-range, outdoor space and features all come into the decision making process. There’s also the matter of choosing between a period property with historic character, or a new build home with low maintenance and significantly reduced running costs. 

Call us biased, but we see endless benefits to buying a new build home. We’ll take you through a few of them in this article. 

Energy efficiency

New build homes are built to a much higher standard these days. Regulations dictate that new builds must adhere to minimum standards for energy efficiency – which is great news for both our planet and your wallet! 

Generally speaking, new build homes are significantly cheaper to run and will reduce your household carbon footprint. Though it’s possible to improve energy efficiency in an older home, this tends to be a costly process. 

The key factor affecting the efficiency levels of any property is insulation. New build homes have 100mm of insulation between the internal wall and the external wall, which significantly slows the transfer of heat from inside to outside your home, thus keeping your home warmer for longer – without having to keep the heating on. New build homes also have a considerable amount of insulation in the roof space. We all know that heat rises, and new build homes are designed to allow as little heat to escape through the roof as possible.

Tailored to you

A new build home is a blank canvas (if you get in there early enough!) This means you have complete freedom to spec the house out to suit your own taste and style. Many development companies even give buyers the option to choose from a selection of finishes, fixtures and flooring before moving in – which takes away the hassle of redecorating an older property upon moving in. 

Most new builds are also provided with fitted kitchens with a cooker, fridge and washing machine of your choice. For white goods, the developer will often offer a range of options at competitive rates. 

Safety and security

Current building standards require the use of fire-resistant materials and linked smoke alarms. Some windows will also be designed specifically to allow for escape in the event of a fire – while all electrical wiring will be protected by circuit breakers.

You can rest easy in your new build, as windows and main doors in new builds come with locks as standard. Many house builders provide alarms as standard, or lay down the necessary wiring for future use. Not only do these measures keep you safer, but they also can reduce your insurance premiums. 

Nobody has lived there before

This may seem obvious, but many buyers are drawn to new build homes simply because nobody has lived in them before. This generally leads to a smoother purchase process, as there is no upward chain. If you’re a first time buyer and you buy a new build, there is no chain at all!

Lower repair costs

New build homes are bound by modern building regulations to provide a structural warranty. And when you move in, everything will be brand new and in working order – so there is no need to budget for renovation and repairs. 

As your property ages, you will find that you spend less on maintenance because of the construction materials used. For instance, most new build properties will be fitted with UPVC double glazing – which require no real maintenance beyond cleaning. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a new build, or would just like to hear more about the many benefits of the properties we have on the market – get in touch with us today! 

Pictured: Tillbridge Lane, Sturton by Stow

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