How to beat the odds and enjoy a stress free move

stress free move

It’s no big secret that moving house can be stressful. In fact, it’s frequently cited as one of the most anxiety-inducing events we face in our lives. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce the pressure and enjoy a stress-free move – leaving you free to look ahead at the next chapter of your life with excitement. We’ll share some of these tips below. 

Budget for your expenses

There are multiple outgoings involved in moving house. It can be tricky to keep on top of your spending, particularly when you’re busy packing! To avoid the dreaded overspend, it’s important to budget your expenditure so that all key costs are covered. You could even set up a savings pot purely for this purpose, and work out an estimate of how much your move will cost overall. This should help you to stay organised, budget correctly and minimise stress. 

Clear the clutter

Getting rid of all your clutter will help you feel more organised and streamline the moving process. It will give you a head start for when you begin packing, as it’ll save you the hassle of sorting out the things you do and don’t need. There’s enough to be getting on with without packing items you’ll likely bin after the move. 

Give yourself plenty of time

Of course, time isn’t always under your control. Sometimes a move can sneak up on you and there’s no option but to act fast. If you can plan, though, we recommend giving yourself at least eight to twelve weeks for prep. This will give you enough time to organise movers (if that’s the route you’re going down), clear clutter, pack, carry out any necessary repairs, clean and move in without breaking too much of a sweat. 

“Lists are your best friend! Don’t leave anything to the last minute. Book your removal company as early as possible – and consider how a removal van will get access your property. Be sure to label all your boxes according to where they are going in your new home.”

– Tips from Andy and Henny, who sold their house through us last year 

Find an affordable moving service

Sourcing an affordable removal company could be one of the best stress-busters out there. Use comparison sites to find cheap and reputable companies that can lend a much-needed helping hand on the day. Usually they will organise a pre-move visit so that they are fully prepared and understand your requirements. 

Gather the right packing materials

You’re going to need lots of packing materials for your move. Alongside storage boxes, you’ll also need a permanent marker for labelling and packing tape to keep everything secure. You’ll also need to assemble materials for delicate items, such as bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts and newspaper. You may well be able to pick up many of these items for free from local shops or freecycle

Use a moving checklist

A checklist is essential in staying organised and keeping your move as stress-free as possible. This should cover all the physical elements of moving, such as booking a removal van and buying boxes – but also look at the various businesses or contacts you need to inform of your move, such as your doctor or utility suppliers. 

We’ve collectively moved homes many times at The New Homes Agent, and we certainly see lots of success stories from our clients moving into their first property. As a result, we have plenty of knowledge that we’re always happy to share throughout the moving process. If you’d like to move house with us, get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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