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Lincoln is a vibrant cathedral city with one of the fastest growing universities in the country. The growth of the university has seen a surge of inward investment in the city which has been further inflated in the past two years by Lincoln City Football Clubs promotion into the Football League and continued success.

Lincoln has everything that you could desire from a modern day city. The Bailgate area, home to the world renowned Cathedral and 11th century Castle, brings a cultural and historic offering in the north. The downtown area to the south brings a modern and progressive arena for future growth and success. With over 16,000 students now in attendance between Lincolns two universities, the town centre has evolved into a bustling hot spot with a fantastic range of pubs, bars, restaurants, shopping centres and nightclubs. In June 2017 the Lincoln City Council approved a £150m redevelopment of the St Marks Shopping centre which plans to provide a mixture of retail and leisure facilities, 150 residential units, over 1,300 student rooms, a new hotel and a multi-storey car park.

Lincoln boasts a rich heritage including being the birthplace of the modern tank and being home to one of the 4 original copies of the Magna Carta. What’s more impressive is that Lincoln Cathedral stood as the tallest man made structure on the planet for 238 years, which is longer than any other structure aside from the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt. A recent poll by Holiday Lettings, a partner to TripAdvisor, recently voted Lincolns Christmas Market as the best Christmas market in the UK. The market has been running for 36 years and now attracts a staggering 250,000 visitors a year (double Lincoln’s total population) from all over the world.

The average house price in Lincoln is still extremely attractive in comparison with the national average. However, Lincolns economic growth is evident when reviewing it’s recent surge in house prices with a rise of 8.4% in 2017 alone, the 12th fastest in the UK.

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